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Wouldn't it be great if ...

executives had the courage to engage into an open an direct feeback process, with their employees, their executive colleagues and their own superiors whilst relying less on anonymous surveys.

Our findings

After 25 years of working with various companies, organizations and target groups from various industries, we have gained the following insights:

  • States, situations and conflicts are ultimately and always homemade
  • These states (situations) are basically changeable

Our basic assumption

Our basic assumption is that every person, every organization and every company has unexpected and hidden powers, opportunities, talents, skills and abilities. We refer to these as "potentials".

As potential developers, we help you

  1. to explore
  2. to unfold
  3. to develop and
  4. to realize

these potentials within your company

Quest-Team expands

Stephan Stahl takes over management of subsidiary for Scandinavia and Northern Europe