31.12.2019 -

Process of cultural change in construction of cooperative housing with Quest-Team The Potential-Developers

The housing industry, especially in Berlin, is  tfaced with new challenges, after the planned rent cap and the increasing social and demographic change in society (and thus with tenants). To assure that the motivation and willingness to change is supported by the employees and colleagues right from the start, the cooperatives are increasingly looking for the "answers" to these challenges within their own organization.

Quest-Team specializes in using the existing talents, skills and potential of the workforce to accompany these change processes in a trusting and efficient manner.

At the end of October 2019, as part of such process support, a so-called "future workshop" took place under the name "Der WbV - Fit in die Zukunft" in a former industrial loft in Berlin-Lichterfelde with all employees of the WbV eG and the two board members.

Moderated by the Quest-Team, new ideas and initiatives for shaping the future of the cooperative were developed in large and small groups, which have since been followed up in a smaller group of cultural ambassadors.

Another WoWi cooperative has just started a (cultural change) process with the Quest-Team.