Experts for systemic qualifications
since over 30 years

Welcome to the Quest-Team!

Welcome to the Quest-Team!

The experts for transformative systemic qualifications in the "German Mittelstand"!

In a "mix" of face-to-face and online formats, we qualify internal and cross-company high potentials (talents, managers, high performers and long-term employees) ... tailor-made and according to the needs of the organizations.

Our (long-standing) customers trust our expertise and work in partnership with us.

Our Basic Assumption

Our basic positiv assumption is that every person, organisation and company has hidden and unexplored powers, opportunities, talents, skills and abilities. 

We refer to these as "gold nuggets" or "potential". 

As Potential Developers, we help you to

  • discover  
  • unfold   
  • develop and   
  • realize

this potential within yourself or within your business.


Our Approach

The SysTeam® approach

As Potential Developers, we support individuals, teams and organisations to subsequently recognise and realise their potential in such a way, that on the one hand it serves the benefit of the entire company and on the other hand it also fits their own motives and needs.

With the SysTeam® approach we empower individuals, teams and organisations, to:

  • streamline energies and work vision-oriented
  • focus on customer needs
  • develop a common understanding of human image and language
  • act in a sense- and value-oriented manner
  • welcome the diversity of people, methods and tools


Our Qualifications
Feedback from customers

Marco Nussbaum - CEO prizeotel

We have proven that the introduction of the SysTeam® approach pays off for employees. We show that an agile leadership culture is sustainable. The high degree of personal responsibility and shared responsibility, the participation in company processes and the resulting good working atmosphere in the team therefore play a major role. The employees feel like real entrepreneurs in the company and act accordingly. The enthusiasm of each individual for the company, for their own work and for dealing with the customer is permanently noticeable and clearly demonstrates the performance and achievements that teams who live the SysTeam® approach are capable of in the long term.

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